Unlike scrap dealers who are trying to unload mass quantities of excess rubber, we have various blends that are created and adapted specifically for equestrians. We have flat rubber, granular rubber, fine rubber, and hybrid rubber blends available and we will only recommend what you need.  

It is important to note that all rubber is not the same.  Shape, size and how the particles are made are extremely important. If you're looking to reduce concussion, minimize compaction, promote drainage, and aid in thawing, consider adding one of our rubber additives to your arena.    



DuraCush Tek is a cryogenic rubber that can be added to existing arenas or installed during new construction.  Cryogenic rubber is the cleanest, highest grade of rubber available and is made by freezing rubber and then shattering it into small, smooth-edged particles. This process allows the particles to stay blended in the surface offering stability an traction, all the while promoting drainage & minimizing freezing.  And since rubber is the main ingredient it doesn't break down as quickly as sand which means less dust for you & your horse!! ​​

Rubber Footing: DuraCush & DuraCush-Tek

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