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When most people think of rubber footing, they picture big chunks of hard, brittle rubber or long strands of tire treads contaminated with steel belting that just sit on top of the footing.   That is the rubber of the past....

DuraCush is the rubber footing of the future. Our highly specialized production process creates ultrafine, angular particles that are designed to stay IN the footing to offer the following benefits: 

  • Provides cushioning without making the footing too soft or deep
  • Minimizes compaction and packing without making the footing shifty and loose
  • Reduces concussion and helps take the "sting" out of footing 
  • Offers shock absorption without bounce 
  • Preserves stability and traction
  • Promotes drainage
  • Minimizes freezing
  • Encourages thawing  
  • ​Decreases the rate at which dust is created
  • Can be added to new or existing arenas
  • Especially effective at reviving "dead" footing 
  • Does not require an expensive harrow
  • Does not make arenas "dark"
  • Is compatible with nearly all footings*

*It is important to note that rubber is not a stand alone arena surface - some sand and/or stone dust is necessary for stability and support.   



DuraCush Rubber Footing 

Unlike scrap dealers & turf companies who are just trying to unload mass quantities of excess rubber, our DuraCush Rubber is produced specifically for equestrians and we will only recommend what you need.  

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