Unlike scrap dealers who are trying to unload mass quantities of excess rubber, we have various blends that are created and adapted specifically for equestrians. We have flat rubber, granular rubber, fine rubber, and hybrid rubber blends available and we will only recommend what you need.  

It is important to note that all rubber is not the same.  Shape, size and how the particles are made are extremely important. If you're looking to reduce concussion, minimize compaction, promote drainage, and aid in thawing, consider adding one of our rubber additives to your arena.    

Sometimes the best footings are a blend of various materials. Our hybrids are so popular because they allow your footing to benefit from the best features of both materials. If you like a little more "cush" or if you want your footing to be softer without being "looser" one of our hybrid blends may be the best option for you. Hybrid additives tend to be compatible with more sands than either adding straight rubber or fiber and they also tend to be compatible with more harrows than our EquiFibre & DeutschFelt. 

Our Fiber Additives: 

  • Increase Stability
  • Provide cushioning and shock absorption
  • Retain moisture to minimize dust
  • Maintain footing consistency
  • Reduce joint stress
  • Are "PRE-CYCLED"
  • Extend the life of your sand by reducing pulverization of sand particles

Adding fiber to an arena cushions the footing, but more importantly, it increases stability and reduces the shearing effect straight sand can have.  Fibers by nature tend to knit together and overlay one another. In doing so, they create a "root zone" effect, thereby stabilizing your footing. Another benefit of fiber is that small dust particles get trapped within the fabric's knit, keeping it from becoming airborne in your arena.  Furthermore, the moisture retention properties of the fibers tend to reduce the amount of watering needed.

Fiber/Felt Surfaces

​​ is almost always the main component of any footing but not all sand is the same!!  With proper maintenance, the correct sand, can be a stand alone footing. If you do choose to add synthetic additives the type of sand you have must be taken into account. Not all additives are compatible with all sands and not all sands are compatible with all additives.    

A ring's base is like the foundation of a house: it is the most crucial element of construction.  The main purpose of a ring's base is to act as a barrier between the existing earth and the surface footing.  If a ring is built without a base or if the base is not adequate, whatever footing is added on top will eventually mix in with the ground below.  Likewise, any soil, clay, stones, rocks, etc. below will eventually work their way up and into your surface footing. So, when considering building an arena, be sure to put the majority of your time, research, effort and money into constructing a proper base.

This is the most important component                                                                          of your arena!

Cross Section of a Typical Arena

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