HorseWeigh Equine Scales

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Why Weigh?

To continually monitor weight gain of foals, pregnant mares, and horses in training.
To allow for a precise appraisal of horses' condition.
To determine the exact weight of horses prior to any anesthetic, tetanus, vaccine, medication or wormer is administered.
To ascertain the weight at which a horse is most athletically efficient.
To monitor the stress of competition and travel and the subsequent recovery rate.
To detect potential problems before they would become obvious to the naked eye.

Key Features:

Horses do not need to stand still
Mobile - Easily transported
Usable on gentle gradients and uneven ground
Quick, accurate weight record to +/- 1%
100% water and sand proof
Fully charged indicator weighs 500 horses, on average
0.2 pounds - 3300pounds. Overload capacity of 6600 pounds
No power source required
Use and store outside, including extreme temperatures
Single person operation
Recalibration never required
Robust aluminum construction
Quiet weighing environment
9 models: PC and Bluetooth compatible units also available