EquiFibre Prime:

  • Increase Stability
  • Provide cushioning and shock absorption
  • Retain moisture to minimize dust
  • Maintain footing consistency
  • Reduce joint stress
  • Are "PRE-CYCLED"
  • Extend the life of your sand by reducing pulverization of sand particles

EquiFibre Prime Footing Additive



Adding fiber to an arena cushions the footing, but more importantly, it increases stability and reduces the shearing effect straight sand can have.  Fibers by nature tend to knit together and overlay one another. In doing so, they create a "root zone" effect, thereby stabilizing your footing. Another benefit of fiber is that small dust particles get trapped within the fabric's knit, keeping it from becoming airborne in your arena.  Furthermore, the moisture retention properties of the fibers reduce the amount of watering needed. 

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