Significantly reduces bedding, labor, waste disposal, and veterinary costs. 

Helps eliminate contaminates and odors that cause hoof issues, respiratory ailments, and other detrimental health issues. 

Eliminates odors naturally. 

Mitigates bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. 

Helps rid stalls of rodents and the problems they cause.

Envirostall absorbs horse urine down through our Envirofilter, a one-piece layer of water permeable, geotextile material that filters horse urine and other impurities out of the stall and into the EnviroStall system.

The urine the continues through our Enviromat, an anti-fatigue layer of matting that provides a comfortable surface for your horse. This layer greatly reduces stress on your horse's joints and helps elimate the potential for hock sores.

The urine then settles in a layer of Envirolyte, a stone aggregate capable of absorbing 120% of its weight in urine activating our EPA-approved, proprietary microbes. These millions microbes then digest the impurities, changing them into water and harmless gases. 

The water then flows back into the soil as clean water per EPA groundwater protocols. As long as you keep a horse in the stall, these tiny microbes will be working to neutralize impurities in your horses' stalls. ​​

With EnviroStall, your stalls are virtually pristine, thus reducing the health risks to your horses, you, your employees, and our environment. You can have confidence in knowing that your stalls are sanitary and your stable is the healthiest environment possible for your horses.

Next-Level Living for Horses

A concerning problem facing the equine industry, and agriculture in general, is how to minimize the emission of nitrous oxide (N2O) into the earth's atmosphere. Nitrous oxide is a potent and long-lived greenhouse gas. Although a small component of the earth's atmosphere, nitrous oxide is nearly 300 x more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. In addition, nitrous oxide stays in the atmosphere for over a century. 

Most nitrous oxide is produced by naturally occurring micro-organisms acting on nitrogen introduced to the soil via livestock urine. By removing the impurities from horse urine before it enters the ecosystem, EnviroStall prevents nitrogen, phosphates, carbon, and other chemicals from being released into the environment. This reduces the production of nitrous oxide and the impact of this greenhouse gas on the earth's atmosphere. The system also minimizes hydrocarbon gases, controls odors, and prevents pollution from organic waste, including antibiotics, chemicals, and pathogens that enter the soil through untreated dissemination of horse urine.

Helps reduce fatigue on horse shoulders and legs. 

Envirofilter and anti-fatigue matting provide a level surface, greatly reducing the stress on your horse's joints and the potential for hock sores. 

Allows you to spend more time enjoying your horse instead of working for them. 

Generated through sustainable and recycled materials.

Reduces contaminated materials to safe water.

Meets EPA ground water protocols.

A patented environmental preservation system that uses bioremediation to clean and neutralize horse urine and remove contaminants from horse stalls to protect the environment from agricultural run-off. 

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Envirostall's revolutionary, multi-layered system collects horse urine and other impurities, neutralizes them using our EPA-approved microbes designed specifically for equine applications, and then disseminates safe water back into the soil.  

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