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Waterless Equestrian Footing



Custom Water Wagons

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ArenaMend products are non-synthetic and environmentally responsible footing options that effectively reduce water usage and improves footing quality in existing or new arenas. ArenaMend products are temperature resistant to guarantee high-quality, consistent footing year-round while eliminating dust and improving traction control. 

Additionally, they are greater than 99% biorenewable carbon and are derived from upcycled, organic materials to ensure that the footing is environmentally safe.  

ArenaMend is an easy solution for existing arenas to enhance footing and eliminate water usage without the need for a new arena.

MAG is a proven humectant/hygroscopic agent that draws in moisture naturally.  MAG is an ultra pure form of magnesium chloride that is harvested from the Dead Sea, a source of life giving minerals. It will draw in water and then hold it at an impressive rate.  One pound of MAG can hold up to four times its weight in water under ideal conditions.  MAG will draw in moisture continuously and indefinitely and suppress dust permanently in any type of footing in any indoor arena.

MAG Flakes 

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With several sizes and options to choose from and a variety of potential uses, our water wagons can help you water your arena and tend to other farm chores.

Dust Control

Maintaining moisture in your arena is crucial for proper footing consistency and controlling dust. Not only is dust unhealthy for horse and rider, treating it can be both frustrating and time consuming. 

Whether you are most interested in saving time, working on a budget, or eliminating the need to water all together, we have a variety of dust control and watering equipment options to suit your needs.