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8' Single RMH w/PaddleWheel shown in slow motion on sand/stone dust/EuroFelt Footing.

The T-Rex was designed for any type of arena; personal or multi-purpose. This harrow was designed to be a true all in one harrow. With the versatility and adjustments built in, you will never need another arena tool. 

The T-Rex Red Master

Features include: 

  • RIPPER - Our ripper attachment has set us apart and made Red Master the industry leader. Our top link that attaches the ripper to the harrow allows for adjustments on making the ripper as aggressive or non-aggressive as you need. This will allow the harrow to remain level and continue to work the ground behind the ripper. Other arena tools have a fixed ripper. To change the angle of the ripper you have to tilt the complete unit. This will then change the entire unit behind the ripper.

  • GAUGE WHEELS - The gauge wheels are designed to ride along the surface to maintain a level cutting surface and allow you to put anyone on the tractor and still achieve consistent depth. Once the harrow is set up correctly, you drop your three point all the way down allowing your tires to be your depth control. You no longer have to be an expert in using the hydraulics.

  • S-TINES - Our two rows of off set s-tines controlled by a traditional top link can be set 1 to 8 inches in depth. The s-tines are used to help loosen up clods and to fluff the ground adding air to the soil. This will aide in the cush feel that we strive to achieve for a riding surface.

  • PADDLE WHEEL - Our paddle wheel located at the rear of our unit serves two purposes. The first and obvious is clod busting. The second is to help add more air to the ground. Our paddle wheel is built like a paddle wheel on a boat. This actually will stir the ground. Our paddle wheel is also designed to float. The floating action allows clods to roll under as opposed to locking up and dragging dirt. Also many units on the market have there rolling baskets or rakes fixed and will not float. When you are turning and the tractor or harrow may want to dip. If this is fixed it will want to move dirt to the side and develop holes in your arena. With the floating action this will not happen.

  • FLOAT PAN - Our float pan is to ultimately smooth the ground and lock air into the ground, providing a finished look and a ‘cush’ that would simulate air-ride for your horse.

The Red Master Synthetic harrow is designed for use with synthetic footings. The guide wheels and tires (with 3 tire height adjustments) control consistency and depth. Both rows of tynes adjust the depth with one turnbuckle, while the 3-point supplies additional depth control. The paddle wheel roller is an 8" diameter pipe used to tighten up the surface and the coil tynes act as a rake to "tickle" the footing surface without digging in too much. If "clumping" occurs, the roller can be replaced with a paddle wheel to aid in separation. 

The Red Master Synthetic

​The Mini Red

HUNDREDS of Satisfied Customers

For those facilities without a tractor, we offer the MINI RED that can be pulled behind an ATV, Mule, Gator, etc.  

The MINI comes complete with a tow bar to attach it to your vehicle and can come with a ball or pin hitch.  Available in 5' & 6' widths. 

The Red Master II

The Red Master II is ideal for show facilities and over-sized arenas because the extra teeth allow for more dragging with less passes, thereby reducing maintenance time. Available with float pan or paddle wheel (pictured right) and in 6', 8', or 10' widths.   

The PADDLE WHEEL option (shown right) goes on in place of the float pan (blade) that comes standard with the Original RMH.  For arenas with fiber or felt footing, the paddle wheel introduces a  vertical action and helps to push the fiber into the sand, rather than pulling it out and clumping it like more traditional drags tend to do.  The paddle wheel can be ordered instead of the float pan or in addition to it, and can always be added on later.  

The Red Master Harrow is available in 6' 8' & 10' widths with the 8' model being our most popular size.  The tines are easily adjustable by simply turning the top link connected to the tine bar and the float pan (blade) is adjusted by turning the top link that goes from the top of the harrow to your tractor.  And because it's on tires, it never goes any deeper than you want it to.  The ends of the float pan (blade) are turned in slightly to help pull the material that gets banked along the edges of your arena to help fill in the track.  The Original RMH is ideal for sand, stone dust, clay, and rubber arenas.  If you have fiber footing, the PADDLE WHEEL option may be best for you.  

The Original Red Master Harrow

You've invested in your horse, you've invested in your footing......now it's time to protect those investments with an arena harrow that can properly maintain your footing. We carry various models & sizes so that we can meet the needs of every arena owner.  Regardless of footing type, tow vehicle, or budget, we're sure to have something that will work for you.

This harrow was designed to prepare the best possible working surface in horse arenas with or without a knowledgeable tractor operator. The Red Master Harrow will maintain a level surface including the kick boards. You have total control of the working depth of the air pockets (cush). The float bar will also compress your surface to maintain consistency. This harrow is excellent for winter and summer maintenance - most harrows will not do both.

Due to its free standing capabilities (on tires), the Red Master Harrow is one of the most goof proof horse arena implements on the market today: it does not allow you to scrape down to the base. Not only does it work up the footing surface - the spring teeth work the footing by adding air to the footing, which is your "cush" to any desirable depth that you wish - but it is also a leveling device for your horse ring. Two pieces of tractor equipment for the price of one! The double-sided tips are reversible for a longer life span!